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I would like a price quote on the following GreenSoft® Engineered Wood Fiber
Playground Safety Surface products:

GreenSoft Systems — Engineered Wood Fiber plus a Patented Drainage System

GreenSoft Bulk Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) Number of cubic yards:

GreenSoft Top-off — Bulk Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) inches.

GreenSoft Quick — GreenSoft Top-off delivered and installed by Express Blower Truck (where available)

Please tell us about your playground project:   *Required if any product aboved is selected.

*Is the playground already built? YES NO

*Playground Area:  sq. ft.  or  Playground Dimensions:  ft.  X  

*For new playgrounds—GreenSoft Engineered Wood Fiber fill-depth:   

Please send me a price quote on the following
GreenSoft® Safety Surface products:

ADA GreenSoft Wear Mats — for hard-use areas   *Required if GreenSoft Wear Mats is selected

FibarMat wear mats

Note:  ADA GreenSoft Wear Mats at slide exits, under all swings and tire swings [except enclosed or bucket tot swings] ensure compliance with the Federal Accessibility Law effective March 15, 2012.

Number of swings:   Number of slides:     *Total Mats:

GreenSoft Playground Borders  *Required if GreenSoft Playground Borders is selected

FibarGuard Playground Borders

*Select one:   12" black border"   8" gray stone-like border

*Perimeter:   Linear Feet     ADA Ramps (Available for black borders only.)

Note: An ADA ramp ensures compliance with the Federal Accessibility Law effective March 15, 2012.

GreenSoft for Dog Parks — Bulk Engineered Wood Fiber   *Required if GreenSoft for Dog Parks is selected

Fibar for Dog Parks

*Is the dog park already built: YES   NO

*Dog Park Area:  sq. ft.  or  Dog Park Dimensions:     ft. X   ft.

GreenSoft Engineered Wood Fiber fill depth:

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